Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Latest on Tidy Town 2008

There have been a few projects completed for this years Tidy Town, We may need to apply for 2009 as most projects identified involve dealing with agencies, departments and indivuals that require many negotiations and co-ordination.

What has been achieved so far has been inspiring.

Meeka held a Garden competition. the winners have as yet to be announced Publicly.
The local Hardware had a variety of plants & products to be creative with.
Most gardens need another few months to see the long term results. It was pleasing to witness the creativity & Pride in our town.

There was a community effort one weekend in cleaning the town of Litter and a competition to see whom picked up the most, It was very successful.

An Aborginal Corporation in town, had focused on enhancing their yards with Lawns, Plants and other items that made the work areas a pleasent enviroment to visit.
The horticultural divison grew Vegatables, herbs & Plants, in such a way, that a stroll in their gardens was a soothing experience.

I personally decided to start a Self Help Business, that encourages Practitioners, services & resources into Meekatharra so that our town could have choices to learn, pamper or experience with.

The Tidy Town Judges came through, and the announcements of the winners will be held at the end of this month in Three Springs
Meekatharra has been invited to hold a presentation of its projects at that meeting, I am sure we will be represented even though it is a few hundred Kms away.

To end this entry I would like to mention that, The topic of "Tidy Town", has had people thinking creativity again and so inspiring themselves. Great to witness, better to be part of.

Enjoy your Backyard

Friday, August 8, 2008

Burntout Black Fellars Retreat


Culture & Nature Based Health and Healing Processes
Team & Leadership Boosting Personal & Team Energy Wellness Plans
Duration: 2 days & 2 nights

B.O.B Program Elements
Purpose: To boost energy and wellbeing of team.
Process: The B.O.B Retreat is delivered by Waljin’s team of professional cultural learning, wellness and team development facilitators.

Elements of the retreat will include:
Welcome to Wardandi Country
Culture and nature based "day spa" experiences
Team Challenges
Yarns around the fire
Wardandi Hunting and Gathering
Wardandi cuisine and medicines
Didge and Dance
Personal Wellness and Team Action Plans

Re energised workforce
Boosted personal wellbeing
Experience and knowledge of traditional health and healing processes
Experience and knowledge of contemporary health and healing processes
Elevated sense of purpose and team connections
Personal and team action plans.

Availability: September -May
Fee for Service: $900 each participant (Minimum 10 pax).
Price Includes*
Venue Hire
All Meals
Professional Wellness and Cultural Facilitators
Workshop Materials
Filming & recording
*Travel expenses not included.

Things to Bring:
Warm change of clothing
Personal medications
Completed medical form
Any musical instruments / special talents
Sense of Humour

Contact Mitchella Hutchins
+61 897 562 0750400 605 822

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Community

I was stolling through non profit sites, when I came across this inspiring group of people.

Take a look and see how they have aided in the growth of their town


Thursday, May 29, 2008

I just want to thank everybody : )

Thank you everyone, for the ongoing healing, support, upliftment & practical help.

There are so many of you that have joined the healing of the outback town Meekatharra.

The majority of townsfolk are exited and making the effort to be part of the various projects that are going on in town.

Even the people whom cannot get out of their homes and those away from our town, have helped so much.
There are so many skills, talants and creative ability coming to create a successful enviroment.

I am so grateful to you all


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am a Grandmother

I have been away, so sorry for the lack of up dated blog entries.

I have become a grandmother for the first time and it is one of those times in my life where time stands still. I am so overwhelmed.

Meekatharra is a family orientated place, where the men are over protective of family.
It is often considered a negative aspect of human nature, but over the years I have come to respect a man that has attitude enough to stand up for the family, regardless of wether the family is right or wrong.

The family support is strong in our town and it is through the strength of families that I believe our town will pull together and lift Meekatharra to it's heights to win "Tidy Town" WA and continue on going support for those that travel through it.

There are some great clips on "You Tube" regarding Meekatharra. You may want to view. We are very unique.
I was asked, "What’s great about Meekatharra"? I was stumped, I guess because I am so content to live here, The Life style is mainly what I like.

Apart from the Government businesses you would consider yourself away from civilization and that is pleasing for those that need to be reminded of reality and heal themselves.

Meekatharra is a place to reflect on what life is really all about and where do you want to journey to next.

Those of us that live here for years, enjoy the variety of humanity that passes through and that covers many variations including wildlife.

There are those that choose to reside here and then there are those that use the excuse of work. I say excuse because I believe that Meekatharra is a place to heal oneself, it is a magnetic place on a vibrational level as well as a practical level. Those that come here to work, leave with a different perception on life, as most know it.

Either way, the family unit is tested to the limits and those that wish to grow will.

I read a story about a family of 8 that travelled around Australia with the outcome " To gain more positive happy family Memories" It was a mothers solution to a family that was at each other. They lived in a city and obviously the environment was not catering to the family dynamics, so this mother decided a year of going bush was the answer to bring happiness and strength to the family.
It worked, although she admitted that the first 6 months were trying for all. The outcome was a success, family unity and respect for each other.

If 1 family can make a change that would impact their future, than so can the families of our town.

We have a committee that is meeting to improve Meekatharra’s positive abilities to impact others.
I hope to report more of our actions after that meeting.

In the meantime, I would appreciate any hints or support to help lift the vibration & wellbeing of our town.

Take care

Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting ready for Anzac

This is a special time for Meekatharra; most of us rise early, drive down the road to Paddy’s flat which is run by the Veterans Legion of Australia and remind ourselves of the ones we lost. The NZ contingent is there as well.
I find it a very proud time in our town, as the guys prepare the flag posts & the rose garden. and now they have taken the statue from the main street and erected it in the centre where the ceremony takes place.

I popped down their earlier today and everything is blooming even the road into paddy’s flat has fresh tar & stones laid, the neighbors or most of them have mowed the lawns & weeded the gardens. It looks great.

Many old faces show themselves around this time, all those prospectors that go out bush return for this 1-day event.
Even though Meekatharra is a small town, you don’t see people for months at a time, until Anzac morning.
I love it when our men & woman wear their medals and in uniform, the way they salute and put pride where it is deserved.

After the ceremony we have a Breakfast together, the guys cook, and it’s great to catch up, then we socialize & drink all day.

This is one area of town we don’t have to worry about when it comes to “Tidy Town”
These guys help anyone that helps themselves’ and I respect them all.
The amount of volunteer hours they give is amazing.

The issue that the town has with this area is that they get broken into by local children that have no respect and the guys repair the damage & clean up time after time.

That’s why the town I live in needs so much focus and why I choose this time to encourage the towns many projects to lift the town from the poor image it currently has throughout Australia.

If you feel like traveling somewhere different now’s the time, as tourist season is about to start. If you pass through town on Anzac, come to Paddy’s flat at day break and join in the crowd.

Otherwise I hope you have a special place where you can be to remember those that defended us.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

People Coming Back

There are people coming back to Meekatharra that have been away awhile.
Good to see.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I went to a meeting

Earlier today I meet 2 women travelling that were involved with youth art, that’s one of requirements for my map. Instinctively we are drawing the right energy around us. Very pleasing

I went to a meeting today, it was basically a report of what support & resources were available. I could see those that are looking for hope and they weren't all from my town.
I walked away grateful for the contacts.

It's hard for me to contain myself as I can foresee what is to come, inspiring this town is taking little effort, and ideas are manifesting as they are spoken.

We have a "Tidy Town" committee; I'll hang in with them. It'll keep me focused. Their deadline is July 12 weeks away. Plenty of time to create miracles : )

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings

Meekatharra needs Healing energy

Dear Readers
Thank you for coming

We require Extreme & Intense focus from everyone around the world
Meekatharra requires as many Healers as the world has to offer
and Every Belief System focused
we need the Strongest Energy Raising ideas.

I believe that there is a lack of love & respect which causes issues in our town. There is hardly any privacy, no “my” spaces or somewhere to take the family. It’s like being in 4 walls.

I rode my bike & walked all over the town the other day, it was the strangest day I have ever had, but it felt as if I was being lead.

I realized that I drew in a lot of negative energy and then healing certain individuals as I came across them.
I also said things I usually do not say to people, and it was pretty intense, but it was like they got shock treatment of love or healing. Weird day truly. I even got a phone call to ask if I was all right.

The next day within 24hrs a lot of energy had changed. There were hardly any men at work and so we had a woman’s day. We were being very productive and dined with the best of food, danced, told stories, made plans, It was 1 great work day for everyone.

Focused energy is what we need to heal ourselves and make our town shine.

I love living here so much; It amazes me how people think that this place is shit.

Meekatharra is a lifestyle to be enjoyed.

If I can draw the right energy, support & resources, I know this change will go in the history books, as the town that “Set the Standards”, I guess that’s better than “Tidy Town Award”.

As in The Secret I am asking the universe for help and unlimited resources in any form.

Please help me, help my own Backyard, Meekatharra.

I have a sound Operational Map constructed.

If you have any Questions please don't hesitate to contact me, it’s a small town : )

and for those of you that doubt