Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flood responses SES

Penny was on her way to Burringuarrah when she was told the roads were flooded and she couldn't continue.

As our SES role is responding to floods, we usually cheak the roads for people that are often trapped due to the closure of roads after they have started their journey.

We welcomed Penny to come with us, As she could not be convinced as to why she couldn't continue, after all it was dry in Meekatharra.

However please take note if the shire & main roads close the roads, then there is a reason and people will be fined if found driving on them.

so you will see Penny accomplishing her 2nd water crossing, she was so excited when she reached the other side, the first crossing we walked her through while she drove, so she could gain confidence.

you'll see Rick as he demonstrates how to walk through the water first to cheak for safety, it was way to high to continue. We set up breafast on the side of the road and then returned to Meekatharra.

Once Penny experienced the water herself, she then understood why she couldn't continue her trip by road and it took some weeks before the water subsided. A plane was organised for her & her children to fly to Burrguarrah. We made a life long friend that day. : )
As she travelled from Burringurrah to Meekatharra often she had to use her water crossing experience many times and was grateful to have had this oppertunity.

The other portion of the clip was a truck delivering furniture who had driven passed the turn off to it's destination , into the floods and got bogged.

Rick & Paul went out to the truck & organised a grader that was in the area to help free them.

The first part of the video shows the truck recovery.

Never under estimate the outback. enjoy this clip

Friday, January 30, 2009

Greening the Desert

I came across a site that focuses on permaculture & havesting water
there are some great videos on the projects created.

ie: food forests that become no dig gardens :), gardens that defend themselves from pests and above all a healing enviroment on many levels. I am sure that you would find something there that interests you.

Do yourself a favour and be inspired by Geoff & Nadia Lawson who are making a difference to the world in practical ways that you yourself can impliment

have a great day

whats been happening

Once I had a vision of what could lift Meekatharra, I drafted an outline of my plan, then spoke to locals of the various projects and generated interest from what they wanted and their ideas.
I looked at the various funding structures and set about to encourage what was already in place.
what has stopped me is that people get interested and fall away. To overcome that fear.

I believed I had to start with myself and my part of Meekatharra.
I started my healing business up as well as I invite different services to town and promote their arrival.
We currently have bueaticans visit once a month from Perth, who service Cue & Mt Magnet on the way. Great for both men, woman and the youth.
we do require a hairdresser : )

There is a child playgroup started by a local group and we now have a hardware where we can purchase plants and irrigation supplies. the Blue light discos have restarted by Police and their have been attempts to address the issues of "children after dark"

I have 3 projects in mind.
the first being a healing park, a place where local artists create features, musicans can come and play their tunes all amongest an enviroment that is growing plants, that sooth, heal & feed.

there are a couple of areas around town that will be ideal. my next step other than more research is to survey the town of what others want or what they want to contribute.

Personally I am creating a healing garden in my back yard.
we have 3 emus that were little babies left without parents, & two large dogs.
The emus need a watering hole to bath in and I have noticed the marked difference in the soil since we have created this.
They wake up, do their exercises, then come to the back door to let me know that they are ready to eat. I feed them and fill their watering hole and so we have 3 content emus.

Added to this I brought a birdhouse which I filled with wild bird seed and I also hung a block of seed in a tree. it took a while but every day I get a moderate variety of birds that come and feed and drink. we also place 2 bird baths.

Next I need to create plants that provide more shade than whats there already.

so yes the focus is still on healing Meekatharra and these are only a few things that I can comment on at present.

Have a good day

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Latest on Tidy Town 2008

There have been a few projects completed for this years Tidy Town, We may need to apply for 2009 as most projects identified involve dealing with agencies, departments and indivuals that require many negotiations and co-ordination.

What has been achieved so far has been inspiring.

Meeka held a Garden competition. the winners have as yet to be announced Publicly.
The local Hardware had a variety of plants & products to be creative with.
Most gardens need another few months to see the long term results. It was pleasing to witness the creativity & Pride in our town.

There was a community effort one weekend in cleaning the town of Litter and a competition to see whom picked up the most, It was very successful.

An Aborginal Corporation in town, had focused on enhancing their yards with Lawns, Plants and other items that made the work areas a pleasent enviroment to visit.
The horticultural divison grew Vegatables, herbs & Plants, in such a way, that a stroll in their gardens was a soothing experience.

I personally decided to start a Self Help Business, that encourages Practitioners, services & resources into Meekatharra so that our town could have choices to learn, pamper or experience with.

The Tidy Town Judges came through, and the announcements of the winners will be held at the end of this month in Three Springs
Meekatharra has been invited to hold a presentation of its projects at that meeting, I am sure we will be represented even though it is a few hundred Kms away.

To end this entry I would like to mention that, The topic of "Tidy Town", has had people thinking creativity again and so inspiring themselves. Great to witness, better to be part of.

Enjoy your Backyard

Friday, August 8, 2008

Burntout Black Fellars Retreat


Culture & Nature Based Health and Healing Processes
Team & Leadership Boosting Personal & Team Energy Wellness Plans
Duration: 2 days & 2 nights

B.O.B Program Elements
Purpose: To boost energy and wellbeing of team.
Process: The B.O.B Retreat is delivered by Waljin’s team of professional cultural learning, wellness and team development facilitators.

Elements of the retreat will include:
Welcome to Wardandi Country
Culture and nature based "day spa" experiences
Team Challenges
Yarns around the fire
Wardandi Hunting and Gathering
Wardandi cuisine and medicines
Didge and Dance
Personal Wellness and Team Action Plans

Re energised workforce
Boosted personal wellbeing
Experience and knowledge of traditional health and healing processes
Experience and knowledge of contemporary health and healing processes
Elevated sense of purpose and team connections
Personal and team action plans.

Availability: September -May
Fee for Service: $900 each participant (Minimum 10 pax).
Price Includes*
Venue Hire
All Meals
Professional Wellness and Cultural Facilitators
Workshop Materials
Filming & recording
*Travel expenses not included.

Things to Bring:
Warm change of clothing
Personal medications
Completed medical form
Any musical instruments / special talents
Sense of Humour

Contact Mitchella Hutchins
+61 897 562 0750400 605 822