Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Latest on Tidy Town 2008

There have been a few projects completed for this years Tidy Town, We may need to apply for 2009 as most projects identified involve dealing with agencies, departments and indivuals that require many negotiations and co-ordination.

What has been achieved so far has been inspiring.

Meeka held a Garden competition. the winners have as yet to be announced Publicly.
The local Hardware had a variety of plants & products to be creative with.
Most gardens need another few months to see the long term results. It was pleasing to witness the creativity & Pride in our town.

There was a community effort one weekend in cleaning the town of Litter and a competition to see whom picked up the most, It was very successful.

An Aborginal Corporation in town, had focused on enhancing their yards with Lawns, Plants and other items that made the work areas a pleasent enviroment to visit.
The horticultural divison grew Vegatables, herbs & Plants, in such a way, that a stroll in their gardens was a soothing experience.

I personally decided to start a Self Help Business, that encourages Practitioners, services & resources into Meekatharra so that our town could have choices to learn, pamper or experience with.

The Tidy Town Judges came through, and the announcements of the winners will be held at the end of this month in Three Springs
Meekatharra has been invited to hold a presentation of its projects at that meeting, I am sure we will be represented even though it is a few hundred Kms away.

To end this entry I would like to mention that, The topic of "Tidy Town", has had people thinking creativity again and so inspiring themselves. Great to witness, better to be part of.

Enjoy your Backyard