Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flood responses SES

Penny was on her way to Burringuarrah when she was told the roads were flooded and she couldn't continue.

As our SES role is responding to floods, we usually cheak the roads for people that are often trapped due to the closure of roads after they have started their journey.

We welcomed Penny to come with us, As she could not be convinced as to why she couldn't continue, after all it was dry in Meekatharra.

However please take note if the shire & main roads close the roads, then there is a reason and people will be fined if found driving on them.

so you will see Penny accomplishing her 2nd water crossing, she was so excited when she reached the other side, the first crossing we walked her through while she drove, so she could gain confidence.

you'll see Rick as he demonstrates how to walk through the water first to cheak for safety, it was way to high to continue. We set up breafast on the side of the road and then returned to Meekatharra.

Once Penny experienced the water herself, she then understood why she couldn't continue her trip by road and it took some weeks before the water subsided. A plane was organised for her & her children to fly to Burrguarrah. We made a life long friend that day. : )
As she travelled from Burringurrah to Meekatharra often she had to use her water crossing experience many times and was grateful to have had this oppertunity.

The other portion of the clip was a truck delivering furniture who had driven passed the turn off to it's destination , into the floods and got bogged.

Rick & Paul went out to the truck & organised a grader that was in the area to help free them.

The first part of the video shows the truck recovery.

Never under estimate the outback. enjoy this clip